— T-rex Runner Online

This replica can be played in Chrome, FireFox, Safari and mobile devices.
Press Space to start the game and jump your T-rex, use down arrow (↓) to duck.

T-rex Chrome Online Game Sprite 1 T-rex Chrome Online Game Sprite 2

5 highest scores of the day:

armaan arif / 01.04.2021
how man 7000
Nura / 31.03.2021
im playing on a computer and my score is high
shay:)) / 31.03.2021
KA BOOM / 30.03.2021
bruh im number one in my school with 948 i just thought thatis cool
PUMPKIN / 26.03.2021
You people are weird.
jon holland / 25.03.2021
this is so hard
Alex Bennett / 18.03.2021
doin' drama stuff and really bored, this game is perfect!!!
pharrell / 17.03.2021
im so sick of playing this game
Figid spinner / 11.03.2021
lmao whats your high scores mine is 759.
zoro / 10.03.2021
bro thank god there is an offline game to have fun with no internet even tho i have now :)
davido / 10.03.2021
no internet and got lost into it
Coco is in your house / 03.03.2021
Im playing dis gameee- really nice- idk why-
bot / 04.02.2021
lmaooooooooooooo this game is so thick u do realize this is an offline game lmaoo online people dont comment on an ofline game thick game
natalie brazesh / 01.02.2021
this is so fun when ur bored
keira / 29.01.2021
i like this game because it is just different to the other games like AMOUNG US ( good game)
senjen / 03.01.2021
so fun! the best thing to do when im bored!
I try win / 29.12.2020
okay so I had a really stress day today so I don't to play this and I got up to 811 and died .So I tried again and kept losing .Painful
the only soul / 29.12.2020
this game is hard
noji / 18.12.2020
this is a good game 10 out of 10
zelming / 12.12.2020
bonjour les amis moi person j ai fait 1974
Aadya / 12.12.2020
Very nice game can be a time pass while waiting for wifi amazingly designed
natalie / 16.11.2020
we are not cheating u are just bad at the game
GET GOOD / 19.10.2020
combatcritacal / 18.10.2020
super adicitng fun game
stacey / 18.10.2020
this is a very fun game
shadowplays / 17.10.2020
i am working on beating the 5th highest my best score is 1930
kole / 14.10.2020
time to beat yall
winner#1 / 13.10.2020
good thing i just got here
batman / 11.10.2020
i got to 1084 i love this game
Selma / 08.10.2020
Hello im in a Classroom bye
Benjamin / 07.10.2020
This is a good replica! I really do not like Chrome on Desktop and usually use Edge or Firefox, with this game I do not need Chrome!
Jetts Art YT / 07.10.2020
I can barely pass 500 ;(
EDUARD TUNDUC / 03.10.2020
good game
ethan / 01.10.2020
dis game better than school
Ramo -_- / 30.09.2020
ya i suck so freaking much but like it better then like listening to your teacher talk about math :\
olivia / 29.09.2020
i mean when it starts to get faster my eyes start lossing the place i was and they dont know where to look it is a really fun game but i wish there where challenges or maybe levles but i do like the way you are able to get a high score and then beat it
kirby / 25.09.2020
this is not that hard
krishnav#4 / 22.09.2020
this is hard. i'm playing in a laptop in india. because i live in india..
Cheese Fries. / 18.09.2020
Uhh, I have truly horrible at the game xD.
sofia / 18.09.2020
this game is legendarisk
kk2 / 18.09.2020
this game is cool but i suck lol
ilovepikachu / 17.09.2020
good game
kallie arguello / 13.09.2020
Great game
no name given / 08.09.2020
fun game, and doesn't go down when i use the space key ✅
blah / 08.09.2020
bro fr its easy but i lose focus off the game
Gavriel / 07.09.2020
I love this game.
Truly Retro / 05.09.2020
Why am I so bad at this?
lynx / 29.08.2020
lol i'm pretty bad at this
Wasseem / 24.08.2020
My high score is 544
wasseem / 22.08.2020
I love this game
taekookie / 22.08.2020
XD lol this is good
Mill.Richard / 12.08.2020
Enthusiasm and desire can break through all difficulties
chinmayajeet ojha / 10.08.2020
i am playing cool
+//BET//+ / 05.08.2020
this game is ez
mostafa / 02.08.2020
i hop[e i can at least get an highscore of 1
WINNER BOY / 31.07.2020
i got the highest score
onwaba / 29.07.2020
i won
Bruh momento / 29.07.2020
My Internet is bad so i play this game when ever it goes out :) but i suck lol
try die / 28.07.2020
playing office
/ 27.07.2020
le muffin chanteur / 19.07.2020
gato / 12.07.2020
llege a 746 es mas dificil que cuando no hay internet
Your mum / 29.06.2020
I am first im so good at this game
K_Visi official / 26.06.2020
i am the best! :)
Sunflower / 24.06.2020
What's everyone's highest?
lee / 16.06.2020
i am too bored to do anything, just the game...
Wise Guy / 15.06.2020
I do not know why these comments are so strange. Haha. But How do you guys do it.
Benjiee / 15.06.2020
Why are these comments so strange?
HKK / 15.06.2020
Wise Guy / 14.06.2020
I love this game !
Nigel / 13.06.2020
grandioso juego
flothefarm / 08.06.2020
i was beaten
Megan / 08.06.2020
Today I'll Try To Win :)
lukey was here / 08.06.2020
ill be on everyday just to try n beat yalls score
ya_boiJ / 07.06.2020
I just got to 953 ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )
HATCAVE / 06.06.2020
voces todos sao amadores eum consigo bater todos os rercordes
Laurens / 05.06.2020
nice game
oliloly / 05.06.2020
im in second place!!!!!!!
reece / 03.06.2020
I beat ya all up
Olivia Down / 02.06.2020
I have just got my high score of 2104, but then my brother Jack pletts decided to go and beat it by 9 points. No one can ever get an achievement around here!!! LOL. Livybeanz :)
lavar / 02.06.2020
I'm beat all of your scores
Dong Yiyi / 01.06.2020
I got first too!
black wolf / 31.05.2020
i made frist place
lukey was here / 27.05.2020
lol to whoever beats me. Good game you played it safe:)
Jay / 27.05.2020
how i play on fire stick
bharadwaj / 23.05.2020
beat this huge score 10067
aimee / 22.05.2020
how do you play
callum / 22.05.2020
yo kids im at school beat that
yeeter / 19.05.2020
my high is 3124
Natalie b / 19.05.2020
my best score is 557
Jack pletts / 18.05.2020
Me and my sister battle on this game for first place I even play on my phone
Helene / 16.05.2020
My best score was 740. I don't get it! Are you all cheating?
Begood / 16.05.2020
I'm playing in the office
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